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    • Light-toned salty soils and coexisting Si-rich species discovered by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in Columbia Hills 

      Wang, Alian; Bell, J. F. III; Li, Ron; Johnson, J. R.; Farrand, W. H.; Cloutis, E. A.; Arvidson, R. E.; Crumpler, L.; Squyres, S. W.; McLennan, S. M.; Herkenhoff, K. E.; Ruff, S. W.; Knudson, A. T.; Chen, Wei; Greenberger, R. (Journal of Geophysical Research, 2008-12-19)
      Light-toned soils were exposed, through serendipitous excavations by Spirit Rover wheels, at eight locations in the Columbia Hills. Their occurrences were grouped into four types on the basis of geomorphic settings. At ...