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  • McGillivray, Andrew (Roda da Fortuna: Revista Eletrônica sobre Antiguidade e Medievo / Electronic Journal about Antiquity and Middle Ages, 2017)
    The saga writers of medieval Iceland rhetorically engage with contemporary social issues in their narratives, including issues faced by women and, in particular, the treatment of women in regard to their marriages. Many ...
  • McGillivray, Andrew (CSS Publications (Centre for Scandinavian Studies), 2017)
    The Icelandic community in Manitoba continually translates its cultural heritage into a Canadian context, a process that began in 1875 at the time of initial Icelandic settlement in the Interlake region. Like other settler ...
  • McGillivray, Andrew (Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, 2018)
    Abstract: In this study, McGillivray explores the cultural environment in which the Eddic poem Vafþrúðnismál was composed and reexamines the relationship between form and content in the poem and the respective influences ...

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