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    • The Aveline's Hole 9 Cranium: A Partial Solution to a Long Standing Enigma 

      Meiklejohn, Christopher; Schulting, Rick; Musgrave, Jonathan; Babb, Jeff; Higham, Thomas; Richards, David; Mullan, Graham (University of Bristol Spelaeological Society, 2012)
      Aveline's Hole is both one of the best-known sites with early human skeletal material in Britain and one of the most problematic in its history. First discovered and explored at the close of the 18th century, it yielded ...
    • Avelines's Hole: An Unexpected Twist in the Tale 

      Schulting, Rick J.; Booth, Tom; Brace, Selina; Diekmann, Yoan; Thomas, Mark; Barnes, Ian; Meiklejohn, Chris; Babb, Jeff; Budd, Chelsea; Charlton, Sophy; Van Der Plicht, Hans; Mullan, Graham; Wilson, Linda (University of Bristol Spelaeological Society, 2019)
      Aveline’s Hole is the largest known Early Mesolithic cemetery in Britain, previously thought to have no evidence for subsequent burial activity. Thus, it came as some surprise when the results of a recent ancient human DNA ...