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    • Christian and Contemporary Doctrines of Man 

      Harland, H. Gordon (University of WinnipegUnited College, 1945)
      A new and thoughtful English literary critic, making an inquiry into the assumptions as to the nature and purpose of Man which underlies much modern literature, opens his work with these words: "In the Middle Ages, however ...
    • Holiness and the Atonement 

      Sellars, W. C. (University of WinnipegUnited College, 1952-04)
      Thesis: That the concept of Atonement as throughout the work of a God whose nature is holy love is more clearly exhibited in the classic view described by Aulen in Christus Victor than in either the subjective or objective ...
    • An Inquiry into the Adequacy of the Practice of Confession in the Christian Church 

      Quiring, Jacob H. (University of WinnipegUnited College, 1949-04)
      An investigation into the nature of confession in different Christian denominations.
    • Pragmatism in the Philosophy of Religion 

      Freer, Gordon John (University of WinnipegUniversity of Manitoba, 1948-03)
      In this age of turmoil and uncertainty man has to find a faith to live by. Religion has at last been recognized as the universal controversial issue. One of the many results of the action of the questioning mind is Pragmatism. ...
    • A Study of the Relations of the Philosophy of Pragmatism and Religious Activism 

      Mutch, Robert Bruce (University of WinnipegUniversity of Manitoba [United College], 1948)
      Christianity today embodies an ever increasing programme of activism. The growth of this element in the Christian religion during the past sixty years has been contemporaneous with a similar development in the field of ...